pfaff kogo quilt expression 2046


pfaff expression 2046 sewing machine

pfaff expression 2046 stitch panel

pfaff expression 2046 sewing machine

Pfaff Quilt Expression 2046 Sewing Machine

Pfaff Quilt Expression 2046 Sewing Machine

Pfaff Quilt Expression 2046 needle threadder

Pfaff Quilt Expression 2046 Sewing Machine quilting

Pfaff Quilt Expression 2046

      Simply the best. inc IDT System
                                                            pfaff idf system

  • 89 stitch programs, the right stitch for every sewing Idea.
  • 29 utility stitches
  • 4 buttonhole styles inc Key hole, round  and stretch.
  • 18 pictorial stitches
  • 16 satin stitches
  • 2 cross-stitches
  • 11 uniqe quilt stitches
  • 3 hemstitch programs
  • 2 alphabets including the figures 0-9
  • 1 eyelet
  • 6 memories
  • Sensormatic buttonhole function
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Electronic speed control
  • Slow speed stitching button
  • Hard protective cover, with foot control storage
  • Pattern mirror button
  • Needle lower/raised position button
  • "info" Button if you require help
  • Free instruction video
  • 220/240Volt  or 110/120Volt Switch

Perfect sewing - Perfect Quilting...
There’s no machine like it in its price range. It has the capabilities that give goose bumps to anyone who sews. It knows no limits and can exact professional results from any fabric. Discover the possibilities – with the Quilt Expression 2046, there's even a free Quilt Expression video to get you started quickly.

The amazing variety of utility stitch programs gives you the right stitch for every fabric, including:

  • Overlock stitches for knits and fabrics that tend to fray
  • A darning program for repairing damaged areas
  • A precision-stitched eyelet in a variety of diameters

You’ll produce the subtle utility stitches usually found only on ready-made garments. Create beautiful quilts, garments, pillows, crafts and more with an incredible array of decorative and pictorial stitches, traditional needlework stitches, beautiful satin stitches and two exquisite alphabets.

So easy to use…
The Quilt Expression 2046 also offers the greatest ease of operation. In addition to the four expanded function buttons, it has a very special feature: the program selection wheel!

Skim quickly through the stitch programs by rotating the wheel. Letters and combinations of numbers can be called up easily. You can even store words in up to six memory locations, sew each one in a single pass and sew them again, any time you want.

  • "Needle up / down" button, when sewing stops the needle remains in the fabric, indispensable for precise sewing and pivoting.
  • "Tie off" button, at the beginning and end of a seam you can automatically tie off the thread ends.
  • "Sew Slow" button, for particularly tricky sewing projects, reduce the sewing speed for greater control.
  • "Pattern mirroring" button, easily mirror decorative stitch patterns for a unique look.

Robust and Practical....
Most used stitch programs, at just a touch the button or scroll through the different program numbers.

Select the sewing program, the screen displays the optimum preset stitch width, length and button hole sizes.

Sewing programs can easily be tuned, at the touch of a button eg. adjust a zigzag stitch length down in .2mm segments, to a perfect satin stitch.

Extra long free arm with handy lift
accessory tray and storage area.

Four types of buttonholes: the conventional buttonhole and the professional keyhole buttonhole, with variable lengths (up to 30 mm) and widths (up to 6 mm).

Easily change stitch length and width at the touch of a button.  Length up to 6mm, width up to 6mm.

Serge easily frayed and stretch fabrics with the professional overlock stitches.

Striking design with user friendly electronics mean "effortless sewing"

A must for Quilting...
Pfaff's exclusive built-in IDT, Dual Feed assures flawless, no slip stitching every time, a must for Quilting, or when stitching super light and heavy brocades.

The two quilt stitches have that authentic hand-stitched look. 

The Quilt Expression 2046’s needle-piercing power is electronically controlled and is consistent, even when sewing slowly or through several layers of fabric.

Drop the feed, for free-motion quilting and embroidering.


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